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The Shop

Welcome to the shop.

This space is the newest addition to the farm. Not only does the shop host all of our events and classes, but it's a rentable space for the community. We offer the space to individuals and businesses as a place to host your own events and meet-ups or a certified space to do food things. We offer catering, cleaning, and other services that will add to your experience.


  • Chicken Harvest Class
    Sun, May 21
    May 21, 10:00 AM
    Paige, 2200 TX-21, Paige, TX 78659, USA
    This workshop will teach the complete process of chicken butchery. Reconnecting with our food and getting our hands dirty is important and this experience will give you that opportunity.

The Specs:

  • 3 door commercial refrigerators

  • Stainless steel surfaces

  • 6 burner gas range

  • 3 compartment sink

  • Commercial sized cutting boards

  • Vacuum sealers

  • Mobile stainless steel tables

  • Restroom with separate sink

  • Chef grade knives with sharpeners

  • Spices/salts/seasonings

  • Internet access

  • Cleaning products

  • And more

Want to use the space?

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