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Herd Share

Welcome to the H2Grow Herd Share page!

We are taking deposits on our herd share program! This is also where you can learn everything there is to know and get excited about your future investment! 

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Here's How it Works

The consumer (you) purchases a share in a dairy herd. The farmer and the consumer enter into a contract whereby the farmer feeds and boards the animals and provides the labor to milk the animals and store the consumer’s milk. The consumer does not buy milk from the farmer; rather, they pay the farmer for the service of keeping the animals and her labor for milking. “Herd-share” or “dairy share” programs share the farmers’ liability since the animals belong to the consumers and the consumers are drinking the milk from their own animals.

Once you are ready, you will be asked to pay a deposit for your share. This includes the price of the animal AND a bottle/jar fee. This covers all legalities involved with owning part of a dairy cow. Once you've signed the herd-share agreement, can can select: monthly or 12-month payment schedule.

Submit Your Deposit


Support a small farm

Not only are you supporting a small farm and business when you sign up for a her share, but you are also ensuring that these dairy cows can have the best life possible. They will receive the best feed, hay, and pasture possible.


Get high quality milk

If you and your family drink milk, wouldn't you like to know exactly where it's coming from? You can visit your very own dairy cow and drink its milk on a regular basis. We never ever use chemicals or antibiotics in any of our plants or animals.


Consume more sustainably

When you sign up for a herd share you are supporting a sustainable farm and all of our sustainable practices. We only use reusable glass jars/bottles when delivering milk. We also use every component of the milk when processing it into something else: cheese, yogurt, etc.

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