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Our Mission

At H2Grow we have one mission, to reconnect people with their food. This mission comes in many forms: farm stands, social media presence, classes, workshops, farmstays, and a full immersive experience in the form of volunteering. We believe that the number one way we can heal the planet is by practicing regenerative and sustainable agriculture methods. 

How do we do this? By mimicking nature and farming in sync with the natural rhythm of the land. In other words, we let plants and animals work how they were created to work, together, all we do is cultivate the areas for them.

Join us! Come to our weekly farm stand or schedule a tour!

Austin Female farmer infront of greenhouse

About Me

Hi, I'm Hannah! I own and operate the H2Grow farm. I am a transplant from West Virginia. I was born and raised in a small town without any farming experience, in fact, no one in my family farms.

My journey began when when I interned at the West Virginia University Organic Farm when I was a student. Little did I know this would set me down the path of agriculture. As soon as I graduated, I moved to Austin and became the garden intern at the Central Texas Food Bank. As I worked in the gardens there, I had the idea for H2Grow.

I have spent the last several years building not only the business, H2Grow, but the farm and everything on it. 

About the Farm

The H2Grow farm is a place of wonder and beauty. Between surprise calves being born and the rainbow of each seasons' harvest, there is never a dull moment. 

Animals and plants living in beneficial harmony with each other is one of the many things we hope to share with our customers and community. This strong relationship between plants and animals, not only makes our food more nutrient dense, it makes it taste better too!

Regenerative agriculture focuses on the foundation of every living thing; soil. Improving, balancing, and sustaining it.

Cows in pasture, austin Texas, regenerative farm

Want To Visit The Farm?

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