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Our eggs are the BEST. We might be a little biased, but it's also true. Our eggs come from the happiest chickens. Each egg is cherished and packaged with love.

Hatching egg, austin regenerative farming

How Our Chickens Are Raised

What came first: the chicken or the egg?


All of our chickens are hatched and raised on site. Raising our chickens from eggs is how we define our flock's health. Because each bird is hatched in the place where it will live, it minimizes stress and decreases the risk of illness.

What Breeds Of Chickens Do We Have?

We have all kinds of breeds and cross mixes called a "barnyard mix". Genetically, this makes our birds stronger, healthier, and creates the beautiful shades of egg colors. Each breed is known for a different egg color but once genetics get involves, the eggs evolve into the most elaborate hues.

Baby chicks, Austin regenerative farming
Chickens, austin regenerative farm

How Are Our Chickens Kept?

From the time our chicks can be put out with the rest of the flock, we free range. Everyone is locked up at night to sleep in the barn then let to forage all day long. We supplement their diet with "layer feed", a basic, unmedicated feed that ensures adequate calcium is taken in for eggshell health.

How To Properly Store Our Eggs?

Because our eggs are not washed they can be stored at room temperature. The reason for this is simple; when hens lay their eggs, a protective film called an egg "bloom" covers the egg. This film seals the pores of the eggshell preventing spoilage microbes and bacteria from penetrating the egg causing rot.

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